Friday, June 25, 2010

The People Whisperer - My video creation for Oprah!

Marcus and I created a video to submit to Oprah's competition to have Your Own Show. Who they select for the final casting and show depends on votes, so please VOTE

Click HERE
for The People Whisperer video on Oprah.

Share this with everyone you know. 
Voting closes July 3rd!

VOTING is very easy, just click this link to Oprah's YourOwnShow site with Marcus's Audition/The People Whisperer and click the green VOTE button under the video. 

Remember, share with everyone you know!

YOU WANT TO SUPPORT The People Whisperer?
CLICK HERE to now vote at Oprah's site.
Really Makes a Difference.

If you miss my regular, writing blogs, they will start up again now that I'm done with this project. Stay tuned for more, though we must ROCK THE VOTE! until July 3rd!